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Joeke, guru

Joeke is a young guru. Positivity, intuition, dancing, and she is a redhead too! Just seeing and meeting her makes you happy. Joeke invited me to Zandvoort, which is known for its beach and nearby dunes. However, the city Zandvoort is also surrounded by dunes on the west near the beach, but also on the east side, and that is where we did the shoot. Limited in time by dooming rain showers, we shot in a short period at two locations in the dunes. Joeke is not shy and very happy in her body and that showed. Joeke was recently photographed by another photographer of which I am a big fan: Bart-Jan ( creates amazing portraits of people. I met him at the Nibana festival. We used the same location to photograph Joeke: dunes with some trees and low shrubs.

Joeke: "Working with Tom made me feel very at ease and grounded in my body. I felt a bit vulnerable being naked out in the open and on the other hand it felt so super natural and free. I was actually experiencing the very first day of my menstruation, which made the whole scenario even more vulnerable and at the same time I was feeling super grounded in my body and connected with the Earth. This is what I absolutely love about my work as an 1-1 Intuition Coach. I guide women into a healthy connection with their minds/ their bodies, their heart and intuition. You can find my offerings (in Dutch) at Thank you Tom for this amazing and free experience. I wish for all women to celebrate, honor and feel their innate beauty, wisdom and purity’’ Lessons learned: Zandvoort offers more than the touristic areas To do: Find even more redheads Ideas for future shoots: shoot multiple redheads


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