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More cold: Sophie modelled in the forest on another cold day

Sophie is a brave girl who modelled extensively for me for drawings and for one of my best paintings. "Determined" is the middle name of Sophie. She excels in everything: in work (graphic design), creativity, sport, philosophy and above all she excels in setting high standards for herself. To avoid re-using an old photo spot we choose a different one for this shoot, a small area between forest areas, alas full of nettle. Sophie experimented with poses, and especially the huddled one was beautiful, her slim waist stands out in this position. At one time I managed to get the drone really high to get an overview. Another time I raised the drone while standing under the canopy of the nearby trees, and heard a familiar sound: the cutting of tree leaves when the drone got too near to a tree branch. This time however the drone won, and it continued to climb. Bad navigating of me, good drone. I had kept charging the phone battery during the times when the drone was not flying. I even had the phone decoupled whilst ascending. The phone and the drone were ready for more work. However, I did not bring hot drinks to the shoot, and during the shoot Sophie got really cold. The idea to do a running shoot afterwards was dismissed. Being a graphic designer and a friend, Sophie helped to create a text logo for the photo and movie material. Adding a text to all material will limit the risks of copycats when publishing the material. When the text logo is added to the material, I can start promoting the site. I am looking forward to get feedback from the public, so far only a few people have seen the results. Next to the running material, one thing that I would like to try as well is a 360 photo. It would be interesting to have a great landscape to look around in 360 degrees, combined with a beautifully positioned model below. I wonder if Facebook will accept it. Lessons learned: bring hot drinks to a cold shoot To Do: Plan shoots for a running shoot, 360 degrees photo. When finished, incorporate the logo made by Sophie into all photos and films. Share website with a large public. Reach millions of fans.

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