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Bee is brave and knows what she wants. She was shown some of my photos by an acquaintance and directly after that she contacted me for a shoot. Bee has a background in audiovisual communication, but she also likes to be a model instead of being behind the camera. This was the first time Bee modelled nude in nature, it seemed that she really enjoyed that.

We met at the Horsterwold forest, shot at three locations: small opening, large field and lake. This was the first time I was at the large field, apart from a previous scouting trip. The large field is completely surrounded by forest, and is not maintained by foresters and not accessible via a path. The only way to get there is by finding a trail made by horses, and following it through the woods. It is not, or hardly ever visited by people, but due to its size it doesn't feel secluded from the start. Only after a while you realise you are really alone in nature. At this location Bee danced on her favorite music: Rammstein, while the drone circled around her, which created great footage. Also, we created a 360 image where model, drone and I were visible, perhaps I can use it as a profile photo? At the third location, the lake was smaller than expected due to the drought. Still, perhaps also due to the heat, Bee jumped in the water. Bee is interested in modelling again, perhaps with another female model.

Lessons learned: the large field is large, circling shoots are feasible here. The lake is smaller than expected, a better place is perhaps the water 300 meters to the east.

To do: invite other female models to shoot with Bee

Ideas for future shoots: shoot multiple girls together, visit the water east to the lake.


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