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Longlist of upcoming shoots

The Dronude Utrecht project consists of droneshoots with groups of models at beautiful locations in Utrecht center. Although Utecht is a normal city with lots and lots of ordinary buildings, it has also lots of really great buildings and beautiful sites. We started with a few ideas, but our list of potential sites for group shoots got longer and longer. So now we have 19 locations, which we are researching. The current long-list of possible locations for dronude shoots:

1. Centraal Museum garden

2. Rietveld Schröder House

3. Lawn near Stadsschouwburg

4. Moreelse brug (pedestrian bridge near Utrecht CS)

5. Oud Amelisweerd (dependance Centraal Museum)

6. Wilhelminapark

7. Stadskantoor green roof between the towers

8. Domplein

9. Warves Oude Gracht

10. Lawns near Observatory

11. Observatory

12. Path next to Singel near Ledig Erf

13. Path next to new part of Singel near Hoog Catherijne

14. Inkpot building

15. An old street in the city centre

16. A narrow street in the city centre

17. The roof bar next to the Bollendak between Hoog Catherijne and Central Station

18. Rainbow bike path at the Utrecht Science park

19. Pandhof Sinte Marie (small public garden next to the Conservatorium)

Some locations are just a wild wish, because they are almost impossible to use for a dronude shoot. An example is the Rainbow bike path at the Utrecht Science park, which is situated in a NoFly zone, due to a nearby helicopter platform. Other sites seemed to be impossible, like the Centraal Museum Garden, but we are actually in contact with the museum management. The sites should match a long list of criteria in order to be feasible, they should: - be safe for the models - provide no legal or moral problems for a nude shoot - look beautiful from the sky, especially top-down - have recognizable objects that are iconic to Utrecht - be a mix of locations that show the different sides of Utrecht (both historic and modern) - preferably have a good quality light at sunrise - preferably be near to a location suitable for (un)dressing - preferably be easily reachable by models travelling with public transport or car - preferably have clean surfaces or easily cleanable surfaces - preferably be near to a location suitable for catering - preferably be reachable by car (for transport of heat packs for the models) The coming months we will research all potential locations, and organise small shoots at suitable locations. Lots of work, and I love it! Do you want to join? Use this link to become a member of the mailing list (in Dutch, sorry).


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