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Emily in the snow

Emily: "I’ve always liked the snow. Even as an adult, it still facinates me. The magic of the white world makes me feel like I’m six again. The day I met Tom, it started snowing. Thick, fluffy snow covered our world. And I just felt so happy and free. Tom, who seemed to enjoy my childisch giggles, came up with an idea.

It was really cold, running through the snow and actually laying down on it, fresh snow touching my skin. But it felt good, like being reborn. I had a heatpack, but it didn’t make much of a difference.

I needed to run, I had 30 meters of running between my blanket and the place where I was supposed to lay down. The running was the trickiest part. The cold makes your skin numb, so I didn’t feel the structure of the ground under me. Running back gave me an adrealine kick, due to my fast decreasing bodytemperature. It’s interesting to see how a body reacts to this kind of stress moments, how it exacly knows what to do. I finnaly know what a “Runners High” feels like. This was better than any rollercoaster I’ve ever been on. I ended up with really cold feet and hands, but it was all worth it.

Seeing the pictures afterwards, I just felt so small, but in a good way. I think most people don’t see the beauty in little, but also big things. Our world can be so beautiful, with only a change of the wheather. And it made me realize perspective can make ‘normal’ things so much more interesing.

I would like to thank Tom for that lesson."

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