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An old friend

Catharina: "I have known Tom for a long time, about 15 years ago I was drawn and painted by Tom when I was 21 years old. Now so many years later, with a drone and myself as a forest nymph on an adventure, Tom said that time did not affect me (yippee!). And for the record, some of Tom's characteristics are still the same, like his scientific approach of everything. Some things will never change. :) And that is how it should be: the essence remains.

In addition to a lot of mosquito bites, the shoot resulted in beautiful pictures and just like long ago, it felt like a real adventure."

Technically, the shoot went jut as it was supposed to go. One thing was rather unexpected. When we were walking through the forest in a part of the forest where no others wander, we wandered into... another human being. He too was surprised to see us there. Fortunally, the man was very friendly, and he was a person that I was looking for: an expert in nature areas that are hardly visited.

I expected that only rangers would wander around in desolate nature areas, but there is another professional worker in the Netherlands that visits such areas: people that mitigate the problem of muskrats. They too visit the nature areas where no others come, in order to kill muskrats that are harmful to the waterworks. Sometimes they are all day at work without seeing any other people.

We talked a little, he seemed to appriciate what we were doing, and he offered some advise, we gladly accepted. I will ask some more advise and I really hope he is willing to help me find more locations for great droneshoots.

Lessons learned: some people like Catharina somehow do not age. And in some parts I have not changed as well (probably not my looks). There are more people with a professional interest in deserted nature areas.

To do: befriend muskrat catchers, ask for tips on locations.

Ideas for future shoots: everywhere where the muskrat catchers advise me to go to.

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