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Carmen dancing in the sand

This was a droneshoot by the book: beatiful area, shot neatly within a dry timeframe of 2 hours at a nature area with sand dunes area, without any problems with the drone. Carmen really is a natural model, I can imagine she will start modelling for many more artists after this experience.

Carmen: "Generally, I am a very timid person and I am afraid of other people's judgement. I enjoy different dancing styles and I also do intuitive painting. I have always dreamt to perform on stage, to be seen and to experience complete freedom. I also secretly wanted to pose nude, so this was a great opportunity to explore my desires and aspirations at a deeper level.

When I saw Tom's art in a Facebook post, I was sure that I was going to do this and I sent him a message right away. There wasn't any hesitation. Although my choice to have such an experience was intuitive and spontaneous, I read the posts on Tom's website and checked people's comments to make sure that I will feel safe during the whole process. He asked me about my preferences towards the landscape and we both agreed on a date and a convenient location. During the photoshooting, he was caring, respectful and explained every step of the process in detail. I felt I was in a safe environment and I can trust him. Especially when he said he used intuition in his work and could feel when the people involved are happy, I knew that I can work well with him.

I was naked in a sandy area and I could hear the drone buzzing around me. I can get cold very easily and Tom gave me a warming cushion. However, I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't feel cold any more. The rush of adrenaline and the calm feeling of freedom and security made me dance, jump and run around in excitement. I was feeling very satisfied from what I was doing but also vulnerable because it was very easy to lose orientation in this area. Luckily, I was following the drone buzzing and with every minute, I wanted more and more of it. I was flirting with the drone and I wanted it closer to me.

We stopped after ten minutes to change the drone battery and to rest for a moment but I actually wanted to keep the warm feeling of freedom and excitement. I didn't realise I was dancing in the sand for around 30 minutes with a little change of setting and positions. I didn't have any sense of regret or fear, I felt what I did was absolutely natural and every human being deserves to experience it. I finished the process relaxed and glad that I took this step. I am happy to meet this part of myself and I appreciate this piece of knowledge that makes me feel a little bit more complete."

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