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Group at the concrete slabs

The Horsterwold is the largest deciduous forest in the Netherlands, but no-one knows. It is a relatively unknown nature area, it attracts few visitors and therefore it is particularly suitable for my drone shoots. According to a forester who I met there during my first recon visit, a specific part of the area was very quiet and at a second visit after some wandering I found a concrete path that partly led over a shallow pond and though a forest. I planned this shoot in detail, including a 12 page preparation document which all models received beforehand.

At Wednesday morning 26 models assembled for the shoot. These models were arranged by Anja, she did a splendid job. The shoot went as hoped for, weather was great and we worked though the prepared compositions. After some hard work at 11.00 we went to the second location, the beach.

Thank you models, you were brave and hope you will join next time too!

Lessons learned: preparation pays off. Detailed descriptions of photo ideas, of the location and travel directions, of the working method: it made things really clear to the large group and the shoot went smooth.

To do: find more locations like this.

Ideas for future shoots: a beautiful area containing swimable water would combine the best of the two locations.

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