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Cold. Jess modelled in the forest on a cold day

Jess is a German exchange student currenly living in the Netherlands. She does all kinds of sports like running and pole dancing. In her youth in Germany she did a lot of swimming, and also did competition in that. She told me that from this experience she learned what is important when you are outside in your bathing suit for a long period. And that is why she went to our drone-shooting with a vacuum flask with hot tea.

Is was cold, really cold. Jess modelled at the forest area, tried some sensual poses, and after that we worked at the grass/ditch area. This time the positioning was perfected. The photo composition with tilted lines instead of strictly horizontal lines appealed to me.

After that, when we wanted to start working on making running photoos, the battery died. Not the battery of the drone, my phone battery was the problem. When starting Litchi with a battery charged at 15%, the phone just got dark as if the battery had died. Perhaps the requested current to get the Litchi app runnning asked to much of the nearly empty battery. Which would imply the the battery would have to be charged more during work with Litchi.

Lessons learned: keep charging the phone during long shoots

To Do: plan a running shoot

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