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S. and I went to the Maarse Plassen near Weesp and to the Gagelbos near Utrecht to re-do a former photo and a dancing film.

When we arrived at the area where we had been before, we saw that the area was partly flooded by recent rain. Although we came prepared with boots, we quickly found out that even boots get filled up when the water is deep enough. S. even managed to sink 50 cm down into a small puddle.

The good news was that we re-created a former picture by improving pose, composition and exposure and that the blue of the water added to the beauty of the picture.

After this adventure we strolled on in a nearby area to find an open area. We went through ditches and very dense reed fields, but to no avail, the reed field was just a reed field with high vegitation all over. After this photo we moved on to Utrecht, to the Gagelbos. When walking into the area, we encountered a deer. I guess the area is quiet.

We used a wide gras area to shoot S. dancing, using orbit track and experimenting with height, speed, angle, lightning. It was cold, but dancing made S. warm enough.

Lessons learned: moving through swamped areas can be challenging, reed fields can be endless, swamps can be beautiful when photograped from above, S. is like a marine when it concerns creating art.

To Do: work on the 10 gig material to create some short movies

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