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High grass2. Photos and film in the high grass with K.

At another exceptional hot day I met K again. We went to the secluded grass area in the Gagelbos area and this time I made sure to use the best position: right in the middle of the area with high grass.

K enjoyed the high grass, but also met some red ants: the ants won, we moved some meters but remained in the middel of the high grass. K posed in several artistic positions. In one of the positions, the grass somehow secluded her face, her pose was daring and that made a perfect photo. I will use it for the background of this website.

We thought of a dip for K to compensate for the heat, but the water of the nearby pond was not inviting. We also made a short films of K walking in the high grass with the drone at a low heigth.

Lessons learned: symmetry is king, when the drone is low walking shots are beautiful

To Do: use symmetry to create artistic shots.

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