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High grass. Photoos and film in the high grass with L.

L. has a interesting background of growing up with her grandparents in South Africa and later moving to the Netherlands. Her language skills are amazing, very few people can actually learn fluently Dutch but L. is one of them.

With no experience in modelling, the shoot was a gamble for L. but she found out that it was good fun. The area where I plannend this shoot was near the spot of last shoot, but this time it was not deserted and therefore not suitable for a nude shoot. So we walked a little bit further into the Gagelbos area. We found an area which was a little bit restricted and only accesible by a gate with small steps.

We strolled into the area shown on the google map as a large grass field, perhaps a full kilometer long. Halfway there was a small pond. Near the pond the grass area was divided by sort of division which consisted of high grass. Lying in the high grass, one is only visible when someone stands next to you, or by a drone. L modelled in severla poses, I experimented with rising and descending drone and some low level flybys. The low level flybys proved to be have little sharpness. Perhaps the amount of detail in each shot, and the difference between each frame, made the stream of data too big. Solving this would be to limit the speed of the drone, or to limit the amound of detail in she frames by deceasing the resolution or by using a filter. The shots of L in the high grass learned me something else: when the position of te model is OK when seen from the ground lvel, it may be wrong when seen from above.

Lessons learned: High grass is beatifull for a drone-shoot, low level passes are technically difficult, positioning of the model is important.

To Do: make use of the lessons learned

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