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Klea on the watch tower

For me, Klea is a mysterious person, introvert and with a strong will.

Klea: "I am not the introvert that Tom describes, I am just a liar with a charming body, that time will be fading away quickly. That's why the drone photo shooting is special: it keeps it intact.”

I planned to go to two locations: the watch tower I had visited before, and a sand dune area in the forest near the watch tower. At the watch tower, we planned to made footage of Klea standing, while the drone would fly horizontally.

At the tower, we found out that it was windy. I tested to drone, and found that it stayed in position, but it did sometimes go higher and lower instead of hovering at the set altitude. Perhaps the baroscope has problems to measure air pressure in windy conditions. It was old but sunny. The shadows made an interesting picture. At some point, the shadow was at a perfect 45 degrees.

After the watch tower we had lunch and then went to the sandy area. Walking towards it we saw a large house with a huge garden/land area, protected by a high fence and a large number of cameras. I felt the urge fly the drone over the fence into the garden to bypass security and have a look, but suppressed it. After a long walk we found that the sandy area was overgrown with small trees. We made some shots and headed home.

At home the flight data revealed indeed very high wind speeds, it surprised me that the drone could handle it. 70 km per hour is the maximum speed the drone can fly in sports mode. If this wind speed would occur continuously, the drone wold be unable to fly against the wind and return to the starting point.

Lessons learned: be prepared for overgrown areas. Strong wind is do-able but it will influence the quality of the footage.

To do: find out who lives at the well-protected house

Ideas for future shoots: more horizontal footage

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